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Toolco Industrial Corp.
106 Industrial Dr
P.O. Box 996
Marion, NC 28752

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About Us




Our Mission Statement:


TOOLCO INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION provides quality cutting tools and services to foster long-term business relationships through the strategic association of our manufacturing operations with the marketing capabilities of well-established distributors.


We achieve our mission by our resolute commitment to:


• Provide Diverse and Cost Competitive Products

• Offer Personalized Customer Service

• Strive For Continuous Improvement Of All That We Do

• Communicate Honestly and With Integrity Which Is To “Say What We Do and Do What We Say”

• Work Together To Enhance Profitably


TOOLCO INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION began manufacturing woodworking tools in 1975 in Marion, North Carolina. We purchased the assets of the company in 2001, and manufacturing operations continue as Toolco Industrial Corporation in Marion, North Carolina.


TOOLCO INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION manufactures cutting tools. We have invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing and inspection equipment. Our equipment purchases have enabled us to produce diverse lines of cutting tools. We produce slot cutters, carbide tipped router bits, and solid carbide router bits. We have manufactured over 1100 SKUs of solid carbide router bits, 600+ SKUs of carbide tipped router bits and slot cutters. Our cutting tools are made for industrial applications, professional and hobbyist woodworkers and for manufacturers of plastic products, furniture, RVs, mobile homes, boats, cabinets, solid surfaces, and doors. We have been selling under private labels to national and international OEM tool and OEM equipment manufacturers. These companies have sold our tools to nationwide home improvement stores, hardware stores and lumber stores in large volumes for many years. We also sell to other well-known distributors and well-known catalog companies.


Please feel free to inquire about tooling not shown in this catalog. We have manufactured over 1100 sku’s of solid carbide router bits, 600+ sku’s of carbide tipped router bits and slot cutters. New tooling is continuously being developed to appear in future catalogs. We have the flexibility to provide the cutting tools that meet your needs at attractive prices.


We look forward to serving you.




Phone: 1 828 652 2273
Fax: 1 828 652 1850


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Toolco Industrial Corp.

106 Industrial Dr

Marion, NC 28752

Toolco Industrial Corp.

P.O. BOX 996

Marion, NC 28752